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Fajas MyD F0029 Postpartum Body Shaper 029




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  • The covered & sleeveless design of this postpartum girdle, eliminates any bulges that might form, and automatically improves your posture.

  • These girdles after pregnancy with abdominal reinforcement and high compression, are ideal for women who are looking to regain their pre-pregnancy figure, maintain their silhouette, and look slimmer after such an important event in their lives.

  • Its mid-thigh length style additionally allows you to wear short clothing without fear of being seen, and a bottom crotch zipper gives you more comfort when using the bathroom.

  • The two levels of hook & eye closures of this girdle shaper let you adjust its compression to your needs, and a free bust allows more comfort an variety of bra sizes for women.

  • Fajas MyD F0029 Postpartum Body Shaper 029

Ficha técnica

LavadoLavar a mano - no empape - no -dry torsión en la sombra - Uso Planchado
País de FabricaciónColombia
ConditionNuevo con etiquetas

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