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Fajas MyD F0036 Women's Waist Cincher 0036




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  • The MyD Waist Training Corset is very simple to put on and to take off while letting you add curves, define your waistline, and drop inches

  • On the top and bottom, this backless body shaper features an extensive and smooth siliconed band to prevent the waist trainer from rolling up or slipping.

  • This strapless shapewear of medium compression, comes with removable straps so it can be worn with a wider assortment of clothing throughout the entire day

  • MyD's Waist Trainers for Women provide comfort, wellbeing, freedom of movement, and elegance due to their resistance, freshness & softness.

Ficha técnica

LavadoLavar a mano - no empape - no -dry torsión en la sombra - Uso Planchado
País de FabricaciónColombia
ConditionNuevo con etiquetas

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