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Colombian Jeans Learn why they continue to conquer the markets

Colombian jeans have become one of the most widely consumed garments, not only within the coffee territory but also in foreign countries. Much of women have begun to incline their attention towards these pants in recent years, and here we will give you some of the explanations behind this phenomenon.

What are Colombian jeans?
This style of jeans, also known in Colombia as "butt lifter pants", is precisely designed to adjust the measurements of the back of the seam to give a more voluptuous shape to the buttocks, directing attention to this specific part. Some variations of this garment come with padding in the rear area, in order to shape the figure of the rear even in users with little volume in their buttocks.

Since its introduction on the shelves of European fashion, the impact of this piece of clothing has only grown over time, gradually increasing its sales, not only because of the qualities it offers users but also because of the comfort that confers after long periods of use.

The push-up style of its construction allows the waist to appear much slimmer, without pressing uncomfortably on the skin. This is achieved thanks to the elasticity of the fabric used in the manufacture of these pants, known as slim fit, which easily adapts to the natural shape of the thighs and legs, without reducing mobility.

Business success abroad
As we mentioned above, these butt lifter pants produced a significant sales sensation in European countries and also in the United States, seeing their greatest consumption by the Latino and African-American population. The growth of exports to these parts of the globe has greatly benefited the production of this style of garments, in order to satisfy the general demand of the public.

It is important to mention that, for a piece of clothing to remain in force for a long time, it must not only be attractive and aesthetically pleasing but must also provide long-term comfort and durability. Why? Simply, the general public has started to generate a smarter investment mindset; that is to say, each purchase must be thought to reduce the expenses in new products in months or years to come.

This is something that this type of jeans fulfills without any problem, and this is due to the quality of the materials used in its manufacture, from the fabric to the snaps, each feature is designed to last. The American and European fashion market has directed their attention to Colombian fashion more frequently in order to expand their product catalog to a larger audience.

The main point in favor of these pants is their ability to enhance the natural shape of the buttocks, providing a natural feeling around the woman's figure. This makes users between 40 and 50 years old decide to buy a piece like this since it gives them a younger look thanks to the reduction of the waist and the increase in the volume of the buttocks.

Design secrets and variety
There is no specific way to create a jean design of this style, so you can find a wide variety of models in stores that fit the specific needs of each client. For example, a feature that is not common to find in these pants is the "high waist" shape, which is designed to cover the lower abdomen, hiding excess fat that can form under the belly. The corset-like fit does not cause discomfort or aggressive pressure on the abdomen, so it does not leave annoying marks on the skin.

As can be seen, the creative possibilities in its design are wide, which allows any woman to purchase a jean of this style regardless of her age. It is vitally important to choose the ideal size for the shape of the legs and thighs since the last thing you want is for the pants to be unusable after a year.

The variety of designs and colors that can be found in the market make this garment an investment opportunity for any businessman with plans to export to countries like the United States or Spain, thanks to the fact that the Latino community in these places remains constantly growing, even attracting the English public.

In summary, we believe that Colombian fashion is here to stay, and its main statement for this has been the diversification of its market towards a broader perspective, offering a quality product that is designed for young and adult women.

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